Say Who Now?

ravenmike-14Hello! I’m Nikki Igbo, Writing Goddess. If you’re anything like me, then you understand the importance of delivering an impactful first impression as well as consistent excellence in whatever you do. That’s why  I’m delighted to offer my personal and entrepreneurial writing and editing services to help you achieve your career and business goals.

Having earned a BA in Political Science and an MFA in Writing, I’m happy to provide you with tried and true expertise in properly establishing, communicating and amplifying your personal brand. Throughout my career, I have been an award-winning copywriter, storyteller and journalist; a valued campaign consultant; a creative strategist; and a trusted brand manager for various organizations and clients including CBS Radio, Modern Luxury and AT&T. I am delighted to serve as the Features Editor for Radiant Health Magazine, Nigeria’s first women’s health magazine and Africa’s leading health magazine.

I’m especially proud to cater specifically to minority and female individuals and small businesses because I’m committed to giving fellow strivers the same edge that big businesses enjoy. As a mother of two who actively takes a stand for equality for all, it pleases me to know that I can positively contribute to brighter futures by simply doing what I love.

I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. Contact me today.