Women’s History Month: Let’s talk about Lady Power

Alright, Ladies…it is on.

Last month, I had a blast learning, writing and sharing all about Black Cultural Phenomena. Admittedly, it taxed me, Ya’ll. But when I didn’t have a post to blog yesterday on March 1st, I really felt some type of way.

Thankfully, March 1st marked the beginning of Women’s History Month and, my goodness, do I have much to share on the history, accomplishments, and challenges experienced, achieved and faced by women throughout the world.

I mean…seriously. I could probably spend the entire month simply discussing all of the things that have happened regarding women in this past week alone. Look at the new Freshmen crop of congresswomen in the House who brought their A-game to the Michael Cohen hearing. Or how, yet again, a Black woman was used as a prop to support the operations of an evil man. Or how Chicago is poised to have its first Black female mayor no matter what.  Or how New York City recently banned discrimination based on hair. 

As I did with Black History Month, I will frame my discussions as questions. The first question up tomorrow is “What is the ERA?”

Anywho, please feel free to comment, like, share and make your own suggestions for content you’d like to see.

Peace, Ya’ll.

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