Celebrating Black Visual Artists: Nina Chanel Abney


Nina Chanel Abney

I think Nina Chanel Abney may be my new artist obsession. Her bold stream of consciousness paintings magnify current events to reveal the absurdity of here and now as it relates to race, gender, politics and our ridiculous obsession with celebrity/pop culture. Born in 1982, the Chicago native once described herself in an interview as simply “a painter from Illinois, living in Jersey City and working in Manhattan.” It’s a severe understatement. This shockingly slick artist had never stepped inside a gallery before attending Parsons The New School of Design in Manhattan—and she was one of the youngest students in her MFA program. When she revealed her senior thesis, she was immediately invited to join KravetsWehby Gallery.

Abney is exactly the kind of artist we need right now as her most recent work directly responds to what is going on today in the continued struggle for true racial equality in America. Like fellow creatives Kerby Jean-Raymond, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce, she’s speaking out on the Black Lives Matter movement through her work. I’m just going to let the art speak for itself.


Who, 2015


What, 2015


Where, 2015


Why, 2015


When, 2015

To learn more about Nina Chanel Abney and her work, click here.

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